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Nitrolux ENNF01121-PRO#ERGY3 Off-Road RC Modellbautreibstoff 16%

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Art.Nr.: RH80E12X


The T-REX 800E PRO DFC is an 800 class flagship designed specifically for 3D flights. The CCPM direct connect servo design, coupled with DFC rotor head assembly, results in fast, precise, and more direct control reaction. The frame material integration technology is utilized on the landing gears and vertical tail fin, creating a unique look not only making the T-REX 800E PRO DFC stand out, but also resulting in an innovative design that encompasses structure rigidity along with beautiful aesthetics. The T-REX 800E PRO DFC can be described as the current top of the line flagship representing Align′s superior product line. Based on the pedigree of pure 3D flight, the newest design concept with absolute top of the line equipment, along with superior aesthetics and attractive lines, the T-REX 800E PRO DFC will definitely elevate the adrenaline in your blood! Features • Equipped with the low CG DFC rotor head, exhibits exhilarating 3D performance and unimaginable flight speed. • 850MX inherit from the previous 800MXs feature, high efficiency, superior power, excellent torque, low current draw and low temperature. It′s capable of maintaining much more consistent torque and head speed through continuous 3D maneuvers, which is particularly special design for 3D flights. • New style swash anti-rotation guide with embedded anti-wear material, effectively minimize the wear between swashplate long ball and guide. • The shapely Reinforcement plate and brace are special design for T-REX 800E, effectively increase the torsional strength of main frame, under extreme 3D maneuver, you can strongly feel its solid reinforcement from its structure, thenew CNC machined aluminum electroplate red, is particular arranged in groups of 850MX motor, subtly bring the T-REX 800E PRO stylish and metal beauty. • Equipped with new high strength cnc M1 helical main gear and tail drive bevel gear assembly, featuring reinforced overall gear structure and increased gear thickness, effectively improves gear′s anti torsion ability to prevent gear from deforming under extreme power,reducing gear wear and power loss. • Innovative composite of fiber material for landing gear, unique stylish shape, functional intensity and visual beauty are both innovative design. • Using competitive material and special imbedded technology for vertical tail, enhanced its structural strength and boutique texture efficiently, vivacious color providing excellent visibility. • Utilizes newly developed, highest spec and superior anti-wear material to increase the overall strength and durability for torque tube drive gear. Effectively minimize gear striping and crash damage. Specifications Length: 1490mm Height: 402mm Width: 204mm Main Blade Length: 780mm Main Rotor Diameter: 1740mm Tail Blade Length: 115mm Tail Rotor Diameter: 301mm Motor Drive Gear: 12T Main Drive Gear: 112T Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 104T Tail Drive Gear: 22T Drive Gear Ratio: 1:9.33:4.73 Weight (with Motor): 4100g Content • 1x T-REX 800E PRO DFC Kit • 1x 850MX Brushless Motor (490KV) • 2x 780mm Carbon Fiber Main Blade • 2x 115mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blade • 1x 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Boom Required for assembly • 1x Transmitter (7-channel or more, helicopter system) • 1x Receiver (7-channel or more) • 1x Brushless HV ESC ~160A • 2x 6S 22,2V Li-Po 4500~5200mAh or 1x 12S 44,4V Li-Po 4500~5200mAh • 1x 2S 7,4V Li-Po 1900~2300mAh • 1x Flybarless system • 3x Swashplate Servo • 1x Tail Servo • 1x LiPo Charger • 1x Dial Pitch Gauge

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